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July 01 2017


*random bad thing happens to me*
Me: homophobia never sleeps I see…

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The color purple | 1985

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Ashton Sanders

The xx - I Dare You directed by Alasdair McLellan, 2017

Made in collaboration with Raf Simons for Calvin Klein

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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (S3E6)


“Do not tag as —–cest” is about the saddest thing I’ve ever seen added to fanart, here these people drew cute fanart of a fictional family they’re a fan of and you clowns are so weird and creepy that the only thing stopping you from saying “what if these siblings fucked” to a TOTAL STRANGER is that the stranger anticipated your creepiness and said “please don’t talk to me about incest” before you got a chance to

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the first ever pride flag (1978) versus the TMP movie poster (1979)

happy pride month!


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Marcin Cienski (Polish, b. 1976), You Won’t, 2012. Oil on canvas, 18 x 24 cm.



Without corporate blogs none of you would know when to stop running memes into the ground

corporate blogs are the meme carnivores that keep the population in check. a detestable yet essential part of the meme ecosystem


we are britney gays first and human beings second

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yes, police? i’d like to report a murder

anyway post cancelled! 

Holly Golightly Is A Lesbian

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Costume seriesBreakfast at Tiffany’s


The floor is bi women and lesbians defending and uplifting each other



the commercialization of Evangelion is the most ironic spit-in-the-face to Hideaki Anno. like it ranges from funny to genuinely upsetting

Anno: mecha anime glorifies child soldiers and completely disregards the psychological damage they receive, so i’ll take these three characters and mentally tear them apart and have them face a surrealist apocalypse while luring in otaku to show them how real people actually function

*every anime since 2000 proceeds to implement one-dimensional Frankenstein’s of Asuka and Rei in cheap harem light novels while Evangelion gets 4 remake films, a 14-volume manga, 23 video games, god-knows-how-many figmas, and an amusement park*

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Baby Driver (2017) dir. Edgar Wright

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少女革命ウテナ (Revolutionary Girl Utena | 1997)



Like literally I find it so astonishing how everyone is not pan? Like not saying anything negative its just so interesting to me cuz like?? A pretty girl in a daisy pattern sundress and cupids bow lips?? A radical sexy skateboard dude with ripped jeans falling off his ass?? A cute lil nonbinary cinnamon roll with uncontrollable hair sitting in the library hiking their glasses up their button nose and freckles with their face pressed into a book? Breasts? No breasts? Flat tummies? Chubby tummies? Hips, no hips, like yo y'all are lovely af and I am glad I have a giant ocean to become infatuated with.



*lives and loves but DOESN’T laugh*

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